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Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Kaplan International Pathway

February, 2020

ASU has announced new scholarship awards for high-achieving students admitted into a program starting in 2020.
Our updated gives you a clear indication of what amounts students are likely to receive, based on their GPA and English level.

Direct admission scholarships
* Undergraduate students
May be eligible for a New American University Scholarship, renewable annually: up to $15,500 for first-year students and up to $10,000 for transfer students, depending on GPA and / or English test score.

*Graduate students
May be awarded a one-off tuition scholarship of up to $10,000, depending on GPA and / or English test score, and the intended degree.

*Master of Global Management students
Can apply for an additional merit scholarship, averaging $30,000, by submitting the Thunderbird Scholarship Request form with the application.

ASU-USA Pathways students
*Receive a scholarship of up to $8,500 when unconditionally admitted into the 3-semester program.

* Awarded $5,000 discount on ASU bachelor's degree tuition, renewable annually, on successful progression with a qualifying GPA.

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