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University of Sussex


The University of Sussex is a word-leading leading research (REF 2014) intensive university located near the bustling seaside town of Brighton.

There are more than 500 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from at the University of Sussex. They provide a rounded approach to university life and encourage students to explore and develop outside of their studies as well. Students can read about some of the inspiring things that their Sussex students have achieved including campaigning for equality and becoming a world champion powerlifter.

Sustainability is high on the agenda at this university, with its campaign called Go Greener, which is working towards the university reducing its carbon emissions by 45%, by 2020.

University of Sussex

University of Sussex


Brighton BN1 9RH 

United Kingdom

Faculties & Schools
  1. Sussex Business School

  2. School of Education and Social Work

  3. School of Engineering and Informatics

  4. School of Global Studies

  5. School of Law, Politics and Sociology

  6. School of Life Sciences

  7. School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  8. School of Media, Arts and Humanities

  9. School of Psychology

  10. Brighton and Sussex Medical School


Tuition Fees

£18,500 - £22,500

Annual Estimate


£111 - £199 / week

Rough Estimate

living cost

£274 - £286 / week

Rough Estimate

UG students


Total Number of Undergraduate Students

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